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by A. Donald MacLeod

“One of the most important events in the life of the church since World War II has been the evangelical rediscovery of the university.  Generations of students at secular universities have heard the gospel for the first time or had their faith strengthened and deepened through the dedicated efforts of ministries such as InterVarsity Fellowship.  An ideal way to tell this important story is through the life and ministry of a dynamic, pioneering figure at the center of it all, C. Stacey Woods.  Professor Donald MacLeod was not only on the scene himself for part of this story, but he is also one of the greatest evangelical biographers working today.  He has given us a well researched, insightful study that is full of both grace and truth.” ( link to InterVarsity Press )


Timothy Larsen

McManis Professor of Christian Thought

Wheaton College , Wheaton , Illinois


...on the biography of

W. Stanford Reid, An Evangelical Calvinist in the Academy 


“…The church, of course, has faced acute moments of challenge before and done so with prophetic vigor: Augustine in the fourth century, the Reformers of the 16th century, and more recently Barth and Bonhoeffer between the First and Second World Wars. Closer to home, Walter Bryden in those difficult decades for Presbyterians after 1925. Who might help us discern our way today? Often we are prodded by iconoclasts, people who penetrate the surface of things and send us back to reexamine our core convictions as a community of faith. One such voice is that of Stanford Reid. Through the lens of Donald MacLeod’s remarkable biography, W. Stanford Reid: An Evangelical Calvinist in the Academy, we meet an articulate, often outspoken, individual who had a running battle to reform the church he persisted in loving but from which he experienced mostly rejection…”

“Discernment : Articulating Faith–Stanford Reid wanted his church to recover its theological clarity”.
by Arthur Van Seters
March 2008 The Presbyterian Record

Rev. Art Van Seters is Principal Emeritus of Knox College, Toronto and was moderator of the 125th General Assembly.

I am glad that a friend and former student of Stanford Reid, Donald Macleod, took on this task of being his biographer, a task that he has accomplished superbly. This book not only presents the life of a distinguished Christian scholar, but it also provides a model for biographical writing. It blends the personal details that are a necessary part of biography along with the intellectual assessment of his work and influence. Here was an evangelical Calvinist who not only maintained his faith in academia but who showed that adhering to confessional Christianity was no barrier to becoming a noted scholar.

Allan Harman in Reformed Theological Review

Professor Allan Harman is the past moderator of the Presbyterian Church of Australia

Bibliographic Details

Publisher: NPC: Rutherford House, Newton Corner, Mass: Edinburgh
Publication Date: 1996

by Judith MacLeod


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ISBN: 0967516803
Publisher: Interserve, Upper Darby, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.
Publication Date: 1999